Guess where I’ll be EASTER 2018? Back in Amsterdam!! March 28-April 1 we return to AFAS Live with #JesusChristSuperstar! Can’t wait!! Happy Holidays! Tickets are on sale NOW! ➡️

Posted by Ted Neeley on Thursday, December 21, 2017



Check out live video archives from our 2017 holiday Superstar screenings!


Yellow Springs, OH
Greenfield, MA

We are LIVE from our #JCSUPERSTAR CAST REUNION & COSTUME CONTEST at Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield, MA!!!

Posted by Ted Neeley on Friday, November 17, 2017
Santa Ana, CA

LIVE from our SING-A-LONG at The Frida Cinema!!!

Posted by Ted Neeley on Saturday, December 16, 2017



Ted Neeley Presents: Superstars


In 1972, director Norman Jewison took a group of young actors, singers and dancers to war-torn Israel to shoot the film adaptation of the hit rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Filming on location and walking in the footsteps of the actual Biblical characters that they were portraying not only made an impact on these performers but on audiences worldwide who, 40 years later, still watch annually and love this cinematic presentation. This is their story... in their own words!


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